Jul 24, 2012

Why we don’t offer Hi-Res Images on a CD

In today’s society digital media and tech takes the lead above all else, with new releases of smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles our world is obsessed with new technology.  As a company, we embrace change with open arms usually, however when it comes to offering an entire days work of hi-res images on a CD we have to take a step back and think of the consequences. 

It is a common misconception to most that it doesn’t cost the photographer much to create his-res images on a CD, which isn’t true.  The disc itself isn’t what breaks the bank, it is the time, effort and work that has gone into the images is what’s priceless.  Putting hi-res images on a disc makes the photographer give away their copyright – this means that clients will be able to reprint as many images as they would like, which is great! Right? Well, not always. Firstly if a client were to reprint these images, it will be very unlikely they will turn out the same quality as opposed to if the photographer were to do them professionally.  Secondly, giving away rights to all images would by no means be at a low cost, as we, the photographers would have to cover our costs of taking the photographs in the first place (meaning; time, equipment, insurance e.t.c).  We also want to keep our packages at an affordable, reasonable price and feel we simply cannot do that if we were to offer a disc.  A little research will show that full ownership of copyright on a CD full of hi-res images would be far more costly than any other package, including ones in which include a full album and/or prints. 

One of the many advantages of having two photographers is that we make digital copies of all the photographs we take for our clients, we then make copies of our copies, so it’s always easy to access them for reprints.

Although we do not offer hi-res images on a CD, we DO offer a slideshow of selected images on a DVD with our Diamond Leaf Willow Package, and a CD which has watermarked images of a ‘viewable’ size
(perfect for social media such as Facebook and Twitter) as an extra.

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